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Cellular Agriculture Ltd was founded in early 2016 as the first UK startup in the cultivated protein space. In 2018, InnovateUK funding supported the development of a proof of concept bioreactor system, a version of which was displayed at Nemo Science Museum, Amsterdam through the summer of 2019. This was first ever public demonstration of enabling technology for the nascent cultivated protein industry.

Sustainable nutrition for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

For meaningful global impact, cultivated protein production needs scalable technology; which is the focus of Cellular Agriculture Ltd. Our innovative hollow fibre membrane bioreactor technology platform will enable the industrial scaling of cultivated protein and its challenge of reaching price parityOur extensive research and development program looks to deliver scaled technology for multi species cultivated protein production. Based currently at the University of Bath, we have made significant investment in a new bespoke facility at Corsham Science Park targeted for completion in Spring 2024.

The best cultivated protein technology, developed with a planet-friendly focus by a diverse and inclusive team.

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Born of an industrial-academic collaboration, CellAg draws on proven track records in agri-food, research and bioprocess.


Since our founding we've been fortunate to be featured across a range of global media. Here we have selected some publications and articles about the company and our team.


We welcome applications from researchers, scientists and engineers who share our vision. 


Write to us and email your cv to​

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